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About Us

Guardian Primary Care Services is a primary care practice providing unhurried, empathetic, and personalized medical care in your home, office or other on the go location,utilizing telehealth options. The emphasis at Guardian Primary Care Services is on excellence of medical care, while utilizing the most up to date treatment, adapting wellness programs to individual needs, and being available when you need them. Our practitioners have worked in clinical settings such as National Institutes of Health, Johns Hopkins University, United States Navy, and Planned Parenthood delivering superior care and service.

We strongly believe everyone should have access to quality, affordable, medical treatment without regard to whether they have insurance.Guardian Primary Care Services is surprisingly affordable for those clients who do not have health insurance.

All visits are confidential. Please call 443-367-8600 for more information email us at info@guardianprimarycare.com. We serve all people of Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia.

About Us
Contact Us

Healthcare you can count on that is high quality, affordable, assessable, personalized, unhurried, and  empathetic. 

We offer telemedicine appointments and house calls in Howard and Prince Georges Counties in Maryland.

We offer $25 dollar telemedicine appointments and house calls in Howard and PG counties Maryland.

Our practice Focuses on prevention, early detection, and ready response of common and chronic medical problems. It is our belief that every patient benefits by having a practitioner with training and experience respond to the first illness as soon as possible.

We serve the residents of Maryland, the District of Columbia, and Maryland.

Call for an appointment at 443-367-8600 or you can email us at appointments@guardianprimarycare.com for an appointment.