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Our practice Focuses on prevention, early detection, and ready response of common and chronic medical problems. It is our belief that every patient benefits by having a practitioner with the training and experience respond to the first sign of an illness as soon as possible. 

The majority of illnesses can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle. Having a close partnership with a practitioner who offers easy access and communication is a great way to enhance the patients' ability to be in control of their health. The annual wellness examination provides us with a highly effective instrument to measure the state of health and help us, help you improve on it.

Early Detection
Annual Wellness Examination - Physical
The annual wellness exam is a comprehensive physical which is individualized to each person's needs. It is the tool we use to identity and understand each member's health issues and create a personalized plan for improving and maintaining their health. The examination includes an assessment of key wellness factors, an extended interview, and appropriate` laboratory testing.

Ready Response
At Guardian Primary Care Services, we offer same day or next day appointments to allow your practitioner to evaluate and promptly initiate treatment early in the course. Beyond the obvious value to earlier treatment, there are many instances in which an expensive and time-consuming trip to the emergency department can be avoided.

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